Getting it right

It was all going to be so straightforward.

I started doing some walks through Worcester to amuse friends with tales of my film making work in and around the city and county.

My friend Michelle Doidge (an ex-fellow director colleague from Pebble Mill, now working for the Worcester Tourist Office) told me she would be happy to host the marketing of the walks through the Guildhall shop.

But coronavirus had arrived which suddenly and severely limited everyone’s options.

So I decided to draft a short, simple book that people could buy if they wished to take their own trip around town armed with the text, the map and the media tales.

It has taken me far longer than I expected to write the sections and amalgamate satisfactory photos. I then realised that I ought to provide short clips of at least some of the films to which I make reference – so heaps of time editing a compilation that I eventually loaded up to YouTube.

Next I had to draft my Word Press pages to explain and promote the concept and prospects for walks, the book and talks.

Fourteen months after the Virus threw a giant spanner in all our works, it is still not clear as to when I might safely re-commence the walks.

However the book is on Amazon so anyone can get hold of a copy and do their own walk.

I hope to update this state-of-play soon.