Mike Jackson’s MEDIA TALKS

“Delightful”; “concise and well-presented”; “one to remember”; “splendid”

Pre-camera subjects

The Great Exhibition of 1851: Hyde Park welcomes the world

What a show! – 100 years of amazing British exhibitions


Not just Spitfires – a convenient and popular media myth

Making history – researching and publishing ‘Of Sons and Skies’

Devising the ‘M5 Sights Guide’ – exploring and explaining a holiday route

TV industry and production

‘We did our bit’ – WW2 veterans’ testimony captured on camera

The Fun Factory – how ATV became Central Television

Producing the BBC’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’

‘Flog It’ battles ‘Bargain Hunt’: collectibles on and off camera

‘Have we time?’ – industry obsessions with screen seconds

Documentaries on my doorstep – valuable camerawork close to home

Worcester’s Media Mile – one city, many cameras: the sit down version

(find out more at: www.worcestermediamile.com)


Mike Jackson (AKA Robert Arley) worked as a scriptwriter, researcher, producer and director for ITV and the BBC; ran media courses at Birmingham Polytechnic, then his own production company providing programming for TV commissioners and non-broadcast clients. (More about his career at: www.robertarley.com)

To book a talk, e-mail: splash-tv@tiscali.co.uk

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