Mike’s film clips

On YouTube is a 38 minute compilation from films Mike made, and to which he refers on the walk and in his book.

They are as follows:

First clip: ‘Pomp & Circumstance’ – independent film about Worcester Mayor, Councillor Mrs Lucy Hodgson, filmed in 2009.

At 03.30: ‘A Pocket of Hops’ – study of harvesting and processing of hops at Hancocks’s farm in Bishops Frome, 2005.

At 04.40: ‘Building better futures’ – profile of community projects made by The Rural Media Company for Powys local authority.

At 06.50: ’40 years’ – celebration of the lobbying by the Cotswold Line Promotion Group, directed and produced by Mike through Splash TV in 2018.

At 09.30: ‘Slimer won’t do that’ – behind-the-scenes documentary about ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ animation series made for Columbia Pictures and ITV. !988.

At 12.45: ‘Gaz Top Non Stop’ – late-night factual series set at great British exhibitions. Series of 13 one-hours made for ITV, 1991

At 14.40: ‘Tim Brooke Taylor’s Golf Clubs’ – 15-part series made for Discovery Channel by Endemol UK. Clip is from the programme shot at Hankley Common course.

At 17.15: ‘Offal Tales’ – spectacular promenade play staged by Vamos across the ground floor of The Hive to mark its opening.

At 19.50: ‘We did our Bit’ – testimony of Worcestershire Second World War veterans filmed by Splash TV in 2013 for screening around the county in November of that year – supported by Worcestershire County Council and a grant from the Armed Forces Community Covenant.

At 21.00: ‘Raft Daft’ – profile of the Kidderminster Lions annual fancy-dress raft race from Arley (note that name) to Stourport each year. Commentary by Chris Barrie of ‘Red Dwarf’ fame.

At 23.45: ‘Main Head’ race – profile of Worcester Rowing Club’s annual spring challenge in 2012.

At 25.35: ‘University Wheelchair Basketball launch event’ – introduction to the sport during the first tournament at The Arena in 2014.

At 27.00: ‘Firewalk’ – Worcester’s Sight Concern charity fund-raiser staged on the car park at the back of the University’s St Johns campus.

At 28.25: ‘Travellers’ – BBC video diary produced by Maverick TV about the Smith family living on a lay-by near Dilwyn in Herefordshire in 1996.

At 31.10: ‘The buzzards have landed’ – short film capturing the establishment of the buzzards sculpture by Walenty Pytel in a Malvern park.

At 33.25: ‘Antiques Roadshow’ – BBC programme opening from Ledbury for Eastnor Castle sited event in the year 2000.

At 35.10: ‘Henry Sandon’s Guide to Royal Worcester Porcelain’ made for the Museum in 2008.

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