Who is this bloke?

OK, here’s the thing. He was christened Michael Jackson, and that was fine until he grew up – when lots of other Michael Jacksons began to emerge within and beyond the media world. A beer book author; an army general; a Channel Four executive; and biggest and potentially most troublesome of all – an American pop star – yes, one fifth of the Jackson Five.

So for distinctiveness in a crowded world of M Jacksons, I decided I needed a pseudonym (Not least so that my Mum – if she saw her son’s name on TV credits – would know this person was her offspring.)

I decided to go with Robert Arley (Robert – after my Dad; Arley – a favourite spot of mine on the River Severn.) So for TV credits – such as ‘Gaz Top Non Stop’ – the director’s name at the end would be Robert Arley.

I liked this distinctiveness – that I only applied in edit suites. Then it seemed to have mileage in other spheres. So I chose to use the name for writing projects. But more or less everyone knows me as Mike.

Now you know.

And therefore I invite you to visit Robert Arley’s website, where more or less everything is referenced as Arley stuff (though careful reading of the small print will reveal the truth).

To find out more about Mike Jackson’s work and career, you can head off to:

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